Home Based Online Business Success Formula

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Nowadays, it seems like hyping up the Internet Marketing is going to break the records and sales in the industry are rising at unbelievable rate. It’s amazing how internet opened possibilities for everyone around the world to cash in a successful internet home based business in certain conditions.

The industry expands rapidly. New research from the Newsweek shows that at the end of 2005, more than half of householders in U.S. alone, are involved in a home based online business in various ways.

It’s estimated that the revenue generated online will grow persistently by 17% yearly through the year 2008!

According to statistics published in the latest reviews, about 95% of new beginners are going to fail in their trials to start their unique and successful business to start earning money online. The newcomers have to overcome many obstacles before they succeed to establish their online business.

What are the real reasons to their failure? Do they know what they are dealing with? Are they prepared? My involvement in industry bring me the knowledge about some truths about it: the understanding why most online marketers fail to earn a single cent while a few others earn 5-6 or even 7 figure incomes, even while they sleep.

I know what it’s like to begin the exciting of starting new online business from the scratch as once I was a newcomer myself. And because of the same reason I know the hurdles one has to cross to successfully complete the mission. Even though for my humble opinion anyone and I repeat, ANYONE can build successful business online in certain conditions of course.

I have seen people making 1000s of dollars every day on the Internet but have they established online business to run for years? I have doubts about it.

An honest online business opportunity may be highly successful if it is based on more than just “get rich” quick schemes. There is no replace to pre-planned and direct pathway, aimed to empower each and every person out there to get online business up and running, based on strong business concepts.

Understand those concepts thoroughly

* how to prepare to establish your online business

* what are exact details

* what are tools you need to start building your online empire

* how successful businesses are build

* how they are doing it

* how they make money online

* what differentiates them from the rest of the pack

will help you to build right mindset to successful entrepreneurship.

Your outlook towards Online Marketing will change when you’ll learn to think right. With right thinking and pre-planned action of your part, like the successful entrepreneurs do, you easily can become one of them too!

4 Top Tips to Start a Home Based Online Business

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Plus: How to Start Today

1. Education:

You can’t go far enough if you do not know what an online business is all about: keywords, keywords analysis, website building software, internet marketing techniques, SEO. You do not have to know all or any of this right now. Nor do you know have to know all the details of website building, WordPress blogs plug-ins. In fact, the less you know right now, the easier it will be for you to pick up good habits from the very beginning.

Education is paramount, but before you acquire it, you need the following:

a. being committed to learning and working

b. being coachable

c. having access to the internet

d. the best keyword tool (that gives access to extra benefits to save you money)

In fact, if you can open your email account and can understand English, you can build a GREAT home based business online still with zero “internet skills” right now as long as you fulfill the above mentioned conditions.

The condition that precedes points a,b,c,d is this: you need to like the idea of having the internet business.

Time frame to see the first financial results

2-6 weeks if you fulfill the conditions above.

Potential Initial Income within these 2-6 weeks

Roughly $0 – $800 ( depends on how good a listener and student you are; could be more)


Selling your own digital products that you do NOT need to create! Or, creating your own niche websites using website building tools easier than wordpress blogs! Or writing on topics of your interest and learning to get paid from advertising and more.

My Own Digital Products?

You can get them without creating them and then selling them on your website with 100% profit for yourself. There are companies that offer you just that:

• you can download a number of ebooks, ready-made articles to place on your multiple websites (with free hosting) along with the blueprint on how to sell them, generate free organic traffic for them in order to get 100% of profit from the sales and from advertising.

2. Knowing where to get this education

There are many companies online offering some online courses: not necessarily bad but rather mediocre. They do offer some products and services but, often, they are created to get a quick sale and then lose interest in you. They create something and move on to something else while collecting passive income from those who joined.

When you find an online company, make sure there is an atmosphere of genuine learning environment: they develop new software, create more programs, have a true wealth of training materials etc. not to mention great business support. Just saying that they will help you, without the above mentioned components, is like air on the Moon.

How can you know that? By testing the company environment yourself for free or a nominal fee when you join.

Keep in mind that great companies depend on the ever increasing number of customers ONLY because of the quality materials and services they offer. They are so confident you will like their products or services that they let you try them for a couple of bucks ( or free) and, usually, do not ask you to put up $99.00 upfront hoping you will forget the renewal time.

3. Applying IMMEDIATELY what you have just learned

Make sure that what you have learned you can apply right away. Resist the urge to try new things soon because what it means is that what you learned will soon have no value to you; that means two most valuable things will be wasted: time and money.

Great things do require some time; 2-4 weeks is the absolute reasonable minimum to start an online business. It may take longer, too! You will stick to it if you recognize a great value in what you are trying. This is rather easy to see and appreciate. It is best if you can try out the new software during the free ( or low priced) trial. Avoid dishing out $99.00 to try out a service.

Compare which is better:

Company A: cost $2.00 for a 2 week trial or

Company B: cost $99.00 upfront with the option to cancel before 4 weeks are over (if you remember)

Certainly there are exceptions to this rule, but it is something to bear in mind.

4. Overall Support For Your Own Business

Equally important, especially if you are new to the internet marketing, is the ability to address most, if not all, your educational and business needs in one place. A lot of people will study something in one place, something else in yet another one, buy a domain in another place, pay for hosting in a different place, learn marketing techniques somewhere and, after all this, have no business support because they do everything alone!

That is a lot of jumping from one place to another to save a few dollars but wasting a lot of time. In addition to this, there is little accountability on the part of the company where you only learned how to do business online because they may be teaching you things that may be done differently.

Thus, to me, it makes a lot more sense to be in the company where they not only teach you how to do business online, but also provide support and help you run your business the way they taught you. This way, you can always go back and ask them about things that do not work and get their help.

After trying out so many things alone, I learned it all in one company where they took me from A to Z ( both education and business support); thus I had more confidence about starting and running my business in one place only ( including domain purchase, free hosting benefits for an unlimited number of domains etc.). I realized later how much time and money I have saved doing it this way.

I think it is especially important if you are thinking of starting something new today, want to save money but, at the same time, you want to have a reliable business online that is producing the best of all incomes: residual income from multiple streams that you yourself, a real beginner, learn to create having the tools, education and support for your own online business at your fingertips.

If I told you that you could have the first profit in less than 2 weeks, you might not believe me, so I won’t say that. True, it may take longer for some people. But the fact is, you can be in charge of the speed of generating your own residual online income from more than one source. Could there be something better than that?

What you need first is to like the idea of having an internet based business where you are in charge of making it bigger and bigger. Once you like this idea, the rest will fall into place.

I learned it the hard way and owe it to one company that helped me get where I am. I hope this article will shed some light on how to go about doing it the efficient way. You can learn more on my website if you would like to visit.


Beware! MLM Home Business Pitfalls of Building Online

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Too many people these days become obsessed with building their MLM home businesses online, which more often than not results in their business dying!

Now don’t get me wrong, I think the internet is a great tool that everyone should be using to an MLM home business, or any business for that matter!

Am I talking out of both sides of my mouth?

No. Let me clarify (don’t you just love riddles?:).

Here’s where the problem lies: most people when they learn about online marketing go into “get-rich-quick mode” thinking that NOW they have finally discovered the SECRET that’s going to build their business automatically for them and make them rich overnight! All logic and reason goes out the window because they heard about some guy who went from homeless to millionaire in a weekend using the internet. That person therefore who may have been struggling and beating their head against the wall to grow their business suddenly finds out about this new previously-unknown-to-them “magical” way to make their business really work and basically stops building their business to become an online marketing guru/genius.

Of course, they don’t mean to put their business on hold but what they don’t understand is that – like any other great marketing approach or system – success won’t happen overnight, and they end spending more and more time learning and less and less time doing anything productive and guess what, their organization, however big or small, duplicates – they don’t do anything productive either…

Avoid the MLM Home Business Internet Trap

For most people, it may take 6 months and maybe longer to really master the different online marketing approaches necessary to create enough leads consistently – on a daily basis – where you no longer need to be prospecting any other way. Yes, there is always exception to the rule but when you consider the average networker only has a few hours a week to put into building an income from home, there isn’t much time left to learn these new skills and strategies. If you had 10-15 hours a day uninterrupted where you could study in a cave and really learn it, then yes, you could learn it much faster, in a matter of weeks probably, but that is very unrealistic for the average person, for the 80% of the networkers out there.

In order to create a growing, profitable MLM home business, you must be able to really connect with people.

Utilize the Internet for what it is, a great tool to leverage communications and marketing but don’t forget the fundamentals. This is a relationship business, and real relationships are built and maintained through communication.

Start slow when incorporating the internet, don’t go all in right from the get-go. Slowly start adding online marketing strategies to your existing business building approaches that are working. Perhaps setup a lead capture page to direct your suspects to – the people you need to sift and sort through to see who your prospects really are. Start communicating to your team with trainings and live presentations via webinar or online video format each week. Maybe setup a Facebook page to establish a basic online presence where you can connect with people and where they can go to learn more about YOU (again, people join people, not companies – don’t give out your company replicated website, give out your webpage, like your Facebook page to start) – you can also search for your prospects on Facebook and learn more about them as well.

Continue to build your MLM home business offline while also continuing to learn new ways of marketing and connecting online to create leads – but don’t sacrifice the offline activities for the online ones as you’ll only end up killing your business and having to start all over again. Anyone can begin an MLM home business from day 1 offline by keeping it simple and prospecting – simple, non-technical, duplicatable skills people have used and continue to use to create millions in their MLM home business (before there was the internet – or DVDs or cell phones even) and that anyone can learn.

But the same cannot be said for online marketing – it is a skill that must be learned, and although it’s becoming more and more necessary to have computer and Internet skills these days it’s still nowhere near as natural or common as talking with someone face to face, or even on the phone.

Again, the Internet is a great tool everyone building an MLM home business should learn and eventually master. But also realize that in reality it does take time, it won’t happen overnight. Also realize that people start and join MLM NOT because they want to push out the time frame to quit their job or retire or reach their goals but rather they join because they see it as a way to get there faster.

Therefore start with the offline methods and begin to slowly integrate your offline recruiting methods with your online generation efforts. As you begin to create more and more leads online you can cut back on your offline efforts or simply continue to both and make that much more money instead.

What duplicates duplicates

Again, your team will do what you do. If you focus only or primarily on online marketing so will your team and you will lose urgency and momentum and therefore substantial growth of your team due to the 3-6 month learning curve your people will have to overcome (plus you don’t want them getting distracted and only selling products and tools – no residual income, no leverage of people, no team, etc – big mistake!).