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I Wonder Why People Run When I Say, “Home-Based Internet Business”

Posted on December 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

It seems like I can talk about anything under the sun to any of my friends and family, but when I say these words, or any variations of these words, “internet home-based business” they run for the hills. Of course that is figuratively speaking. What actually happens is that they shut down. Their eyes turn to glass and they have nothing else to say. In fact at that moment they remember an appointment that they made six months ago that is going to start in 10-minutes. Then they say they will call me, when they have a time. Off they go and I don’t hear from them again for another six months!

So what is it about that term, Internet Business? I am really not sure, but I do know one thing. People have been scammed on the internet, they have been cheated, and they have given their best to their efforts and ultimately failed. When they are facing seeming failure, it becomes an issue of trauma. They have put so much into this internet thing they were trying to build, and it did not turn out as they expected. In fact it could happen to them two or three times before they throw in the towel. I believe that somewhere in their mental processes they throw up a defensive wall. They vow to themselves that they will never put themselves in the position to fail again.

It is true that there are people and businesses that scam people through internet home-based businesses. That is unfortunate and I believe as the industry has matured over the years, regulations have been set up to prevent the rapid spreads of scams on the internet. I think that the general population has grown savvy and they are able to recognize scams more readily and avoid them.

Another problem that should be considered is that we take people from the everyday work-a-day world and we make them business owners. They have to make the shift from being in charge of one little piece of an organization to the CEO of their own online business. The business either rises or falls on their performance. And the difficult part of that is that it could take months or even a year before they realize that they are at the top and the success or failure of the business depends on their ability to create success out of thin air.

Another complication to consider when we consider why people fail when they try to build a business online is that the function and technology of building an online business is very different from building a brick and mortar business. The brick and mortar business is a well-defined because it has been around for hundreds of years. Online business is an evolving technology that does not function like the business model that we have grown up with in this world. Because the technology is new and ever-changing, when you put someone in charge of their own home-based internet business, they have to be re-educated. In effect people have not failed in their efforts to build their own business; they simply went as far as their training would take them in the business.

The good news is we now have many, many models of success in online business. From those successes hundreds of training courses have been developed. Tools have been created to overcome the difficult places and turn the weakness into great strength. In fact more tools and online courses are being developed every day with the sole goal in mind of making the online entrepreneur a success.

Today with just the click of a mouse success tools can be accessed and implemented. Streaming webinars can be found across the internet to give us the “how-to” training that we need to be an online business success. Lead generation and phone technology have been developed to find targeted leads and even broadcast your message to them. When all else fails, if you are struggling with your home business, all you have to do is click into You Tube and you can bet that somebody has a solution to your problem in the form of a You Tube Video!

Let me conclude with this thought. You should never be ashamed to talk about your internet business with anyone. If they don’t want to hear it, move on. Then it should be your pleasure to go out and find the training and tools to put together a home-based internet business that you can be proud of. I predict that it won’t be long before they start asking you, “What was that intent thing you wanted to share with me? Tell me more.”

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